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Development of a new era of disposable snack

Development of a new era of disposable snack


Perspective disposable snack manufacturers, Dr David packaging willing to work with you to simply explore the new era under a one-time snack in the development, then some time in the future will be how disposable snack rhythm development?
First, we are concerned about the background of the development of a one-time snack, long ago, there is no such term-time snack, starting from the foam lunch boxes, disposable snack began to enter people's lives, then mostly foam lunch boxes is packaged takeaway only, and meal is free, for the business, of course, is the cost as low as possible, the results for the pursuit of cost, some businesses do not look even look at the price of quality, but was not yet relevant policies legislation to regulate this industry, some manufacturers in order to reap greater profits is some industrial raw materials added to the meal, and after being exposed foam lunch boxes since been banned production. After a one-time snack security is very much everyone's attention, the relevant laws are also more perfect for snack processing requirements are more stringent. There are more environment-friendly plastic snack, like some PP, PE, PS and other materials have been active in all of the one-time snack.
In these years, PP disposable snack in everyone's vision, or more, PP also called polypropylene, is on the 5th of plastic, the temperature range of minus 20 degrees to 120 degrees, lunch at this temperature will not What is the problem, can also be placed in a microwave oven. Of course the above said these circumstances in the case of pure PP production, and now many manufacturers of environmentally friendly materials by reputation, but in the manufacturing process, the incorporation of recycled materials and even many other impurities to produce, however, the United States produced the finished product it is called PP plastic snack. Such a temperature range of snack made out it was not so big, but also at high temperatures may produce hazardous substances.
In the new era of today, there are actually a lot of eco-friendly snack, pp largest market share or snack, in the future, I believe that a one-time snack or quality of the product will be around a technical breakthrough, this party is the most correct sustainable development programs.

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