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Safety is very important to use plastic

Safety is very important to use plastic


The role of plastics in our lives is too important, in life we often use plastic cups, bottles and various plastic wrap and storage bags, etc., which are made of plastic, it can be said throughout our daily life, but lately there are many voices when it comes to plastic is very worrying toxic plastic. In fact, do it after a lot of plastic is not toxic, because some operations, such as high temperature, which leads to long-term heating plastic produce some toxic substances, in fact, packaging is also made huge hung disposable lunch boxes, as long as when you're using, and attention some plastic properties, safe use, basically no problem.
Xiao Bian talked a lot before reports of PP plastic material, and then the next to talk about small series about PET and PE plastic material products.
Namely PET Polyethylene terephthalate, in plastic code is "1", this plastic material mostly used in water bottles and beverage bottles use, we are exposed to a great extent. Using this plastic products, it is best not to bloom hot stuff, not used for heating, as well as the plastic is best not to be used to disinfect, once long-term use, can easily lead to the growth of bacteria, affecting their health, in order to health considerations, it is best not to long-term use.
PE is the 2nd polyethylene plastic, mostly used in a variety of plastic wrap and bags of all kinds of insurance, which is commonly used in plastic products at home. This material is composed of hydrocarbons, benzene-free use at low or normal temperature environments are no problem, if you encounter a high temperature or oil is more dangerous substances, might melt the release of toxic substances.
Fully spite of the above, in fact, many plastics are no problem, as long as the master of the property is no problem with the use of plastic, once beyond the scope of its use, it can be dangerous, safe use is very important.

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