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How to identify quality disposable tableware

How to identify quality disposable tableware


Modern society, people continue to accelerate the pace of life, many white-collar workplace will choose a nearby restaurant in the unit or a snack to solve a working lunch. Consumers in the dining over the "often" and "occasional use" disposable tableware is a current consumption habits, but more by the social consumption ethos and social impact of consumption concept. From the current point of view of consumer spending habits, disposable tableware has been widely used. In real life we have been witnessed disposable lunch boxes, dining out how to identify quality disposable tableware?
Identification clever merits of disposable cups disposable cups can be identified by "a look at two news three touch" approach.
Look: In addition to watching the company name on the packaging, address, date of production and so on, but also against the light to see if there are better not to buy Blu-ray or impurities;
Wen: whether the pungent odor;
Touch: feeling extremely soft, and may be inferior products.
When using disposable cups, the best first scalded with boiling water, let the paper cup full of harmful volatile substances.
Quality clever identification of disposable tableware
How can the poor quality disposable lunch boxes as real disposable lunch boxes due to low prices, and therefore subject to a number of small restaurants welcome. For example, in the production of bad meal, usually adding a large number of industrial-grade calcium carbonate, talc, wax and other toxic materials, pose a direct threat to the health of users.
Counterfeit disposable lunch boxes intensity difference, the color depth, there may be a serious oil leakage of water leakage; no name on the box and lunch boxes, no marks, no production date; the more qualified products counterfeit heavy meal after tore easily put in the water sink (qualifying product specific gravity less than one, will not sink);
Bai need to be vigilant convenient chopsticks disposable chopsticks relatively many people think the health, safety when eating out. However, some small workshops in order to reduce costs, the use of both inferior wood. Chopsticks for a "white", some criminals will use bleach sulfur fumigation. Chopsticks when eating this residual sulfur dioxide into the body would follow.

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