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Safe use of disposable plastic lunch boxes

Safe use of disposable plastic lunch boxes


Summer season, the weather hot sun exposure, so many people, including many of the workers are not willing to go out to dinner, have chosen more takeout, so the use of disposable lunch boxes are also more frequent, but this one has some fresh -known security risks, where Dr David packaging needs remind you, for the sake of their health, the safe use of disposable plastic lunch boxes.
We often use disposable plastic lunch boxes are mostly plastic and various plastic PP PS production, the common market, PP plastic boxes and boxes as well ps foam lunch boxes. And we usually eat dishes often use cooking wine and vinegar, both of the product is ethyl acetate, plastic packaging boxes if so, which of ethyl acetate and plastic materials may react experiment the result is soft pp boxes, and ps is instantly softened, and then transferred to a meal of harmful substances in food.
We have said it after the front, had thick tough disposable plastic food boxes installed, slowly getting soft. Reporter query data, consultants noted that boxes of dissolved organic matter may be experiencing. In general, two types of materials disposable lunch boxes, one for the "PP", refers to a polypropylene plastic, one is the "PS", referring to the polystyrene plastic, but plastic is polystyrene foam ethylene, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other ingredients. Experts said that organic matter produced by cooking meals, in addition to oil, is ethyl acetate, ethyl acetate encounter these organic polymer dissolved prone to migration. Experts said cooking wine is the main component of ethanol, the main component of vinegar is generated after ethyl acetate, ethanol and acetic acid reaction, ethyl acetate is the organic matter that can damage the benzene ring PS, PP and other polymer materials, to achieve dissolution, Digestion.

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