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Plastic lunch box lid can be put in the microwave to win

Plastic lunch box lid can be put in the microwave to win


Experts recommend
Most suitable microwaveable containers: white, no gold, glazed porcelain and glassware.
The main component of the material is melamine-melamine, not suitable for microwave use.
Lock & Lock lunch boxes, microwave ovens are available, but the lid can not be heated in a microwave. Remove the lid when it is heated.
If some readers feel, the article said, too many things, too complex, can be used to help remember the following doggerel:
To microwave, was on the 5th, beverage bottles, quick throw. Do not heat baby bottles, plastic film to be removed. 7 kinds of various materials, the most important health care.
Field Playback 1: Zhang Nan University is reading, weekly home is the Internet, instant noodles hungry to get hold of the matter. Too troublesome boil, add cold water gave boxed noodles directly into the microwave cooking. One day my grandfather found out, it can not tell him the plastic boxes used for microwave heating. Zhang Nan said, is not microwave plastic boxes Mody. Zhang uncle knows a little bit wrong, but can not convince Zhang Nan. Zhang Nan doing so in the end, right?
Playback scene 2: Every morning, Liu original costumes are accustomed to using plastic cutlery good breakfast, close the lid and put it into the microwave. To save time, she put fire to the maximum, set the working time of 3 minutes, press the start button, then start running the microwave. Liu originally did not know is that his food is being eroded by the release of hazardous substances plastic.
It is understood that there is a lot available for a nominal microwave plastic cutlery, but in fact there is no microwave utensils our standards, these nominal "can be used in the microwave oven," the cutlery used for microwave heating or cooking is not necessarily safe a.
Concord Medical Doctor Wenjie public safety, at present, in the market of plastic packaging materials, there are two boxes of instant noodles, the 5th and the 6th of plastic, only marked the 5th plastic box can be used for microwave. Usually we use a lot of water and microwave cups, lunch boxes, which are made of plastic do. Look at the bottom of the box, if there is a triangle arrow logo surrounded, if it is on the 5th, you can use microwave heating, the 6th can not.
Market research: special products of varying quality
Recently, the reporter conducting market survey found that the market for sale "microwave only" plastic tableware price confusion, product cohabitation, quality worrying, people do not trust.
In a large supermarket, the reporter saw its sales of plastic tableware lot at the bottom labeled with the words "microwave only", but no temperature and recommendations for the use of mark time, these plastic tableware more than the price of $ 20-50 a. These varieties of microwave dishes a lot, but to identify different, some marked temperature, use, and some only marked temperature, while others did not have any use.
Experts say: "Microwave only" may not be reliable
"Although many dishes are marked" microwave special ', but that does not mean it really is suitable for microwave ovens. "China Plastics Recycling Plastic Association, vice president of Use Commission, Beijing tableware Joint Secretary General Dong Jinshi, said that at present, the state did not introduce relevant standard microwave dishes.
If the label dedicated microwave plastic tableware, if the price is too cheap, it marked unreliable. If you use an ordinary plastic products manufacturers to impersonate dedicated microwave plastic cutlery, plastic can not withstand such high temperatures baked, it is easy to melt plastic residues penetrate into the food, it will endanger the health of people eating later.
In addition, some manufacturers to reduce costs, will produce substandard plastic products, plastic products such recovery or if after repeated heating at high temperature for a long time, it will release toxic substances on the human body injury.
Consumer Alert: plastic lunch boxes are not only heated cooking
The main features of microwave heating is uneven heating.
Really can be used in microwave plastic article, the material is polypropylene, can withstand a temperature of 120-130 ℃. But microwave heating temperature can exceed this temperature of 150 ℃.
Even according to the criteria tested and microwave plastic cutlery, only recommended for short-term heating at 700W under the following conditions, unless it is labeled product can be used for cooking or other international certification achieved higher requirements, it can be more stringent conditions By use.
Roughly equivalent to the mid-range firepower 700W microwave oven, generally used in the manual have the stall firepower instructions corresponding output power, short heating refers to the 2-3 minutes of heating, not for cooking cooked food.

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