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20 years focus on "FuHeT"

First brand packaging containers

1、The main production and sale of sushi boxes, lunch boxes, microwave heating lunch box, salad boxes, soup bowls, trays and other containers.

2、We use uphold the integrity of management expertise, providing high-quality service to all customers is our eternal pursuit.

Advanced equipment

Fully functional, quality assurance

1、advanced equipment and experienced

2、The company has advanced production equipment and technology to the domestic advanced level.

20 years expert team

Provide high quality products for you

we have been the front line of the road……
We have a more experienced team of experts to provide you with the best quality service!



HuiZhou Boluo JuHong Industry Development Co.,LTD. is a design, development, production, sales and service for high-quality environmentally friendly plastic packaging company specializing in the production of one of the "Fu Wo" brand, "Fu Wo" brand variety container beautiful shape, generous, smooth inside and outside; non-toxic, tasteless,, hit punch resistance, high temperature, cold and difficult to aging, the company truly .... [more]

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